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İ-DKP Başkanı Mustafa Hejri İle Röportaj-Hülya Yetişen

İ-DKP Başkanı Mustafa Hejri İle Röportaj-Hülya Yetişen

Irak Kürdistanı’nda Peşmerge ordu güçlerimiz vardır. Hatırlatılması gerekirki şu anda İran İslam Cumhuriyeti’ne yönelik silahlı mücadelemizi askıya aldık.
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Qazî Mihemed'in Kürd Ulusuna Vasiyeti

Qazî Mihemed'in Kürd Ulusuna Vasiyeti

Zulüm ve baskı gören halkım!

Yüce Allah aşkına vaatlere artık kanmayın. Çünkü onlar ne Allah'ı tanıyorlar, ne peygambere, ne kıyamet gününe, ne Allah huzurunda hesap vermeye inanıyorlar. Onların nezdinde, Müslüman da olsanız, Kürt olduğunuz için suçlusunuz, onların düşmanısınız

Kurd li Misrê - Nezîr Silo

Kurd li Misrê - Nezîr Silo

Misr yek ji welatên ku herî peywendîdar bû ji demek dirêj ve di nav dewletên erban de bi Kurdan re.

'Olmayan Uludere raporu' AKP'de kriz yarattı  

26-12-2012, 19:39 Kategori: Güncel  
'Olmayan Uludere raporu' AKP'de kriz yarattı

TBMM İnsan Haklarını İnceleme Komisyonu Başkanı Ayhan Sefer Üstün, “Genelkurmay talimat vermiş olabilir” diyen partisinin Uludere Alt Komisyon Başkanı İhsan Şener’i yalanladı. Üstün, ''Böyle bir rapor ortada yokken bu şekilde bir rapordan bahsetmek uygun değil. Bu kamuoyunu yanıltmak olur” dedi.

TBMM Uludere Alt komisyonu Başkanı, Ordu Milletvekili İhsan Şener’in NTV’de yayınlanan “ Genelkurmay talimat vermiş olabilir” açıklamaları AKP’de kriz yarattı. TBMM İnsan Haklarını İnceleme Komisyonu Başkanı Ayhan Sefer Üstün, “ Genelkurmay talimat vermiş olabilir” diyen partisinin Uludere Alt Komisyon Başkanı İhsan Şener’i yalanladı. Üstün, ''Böyle bir rapor ortada yokken bu şekilde bir rapordan bahsetmek uygun değil. Bu kamuoyunu yanıltmak olur” dedi. AKP Grup Başkanvekili Nurettin Canikli, bazı televizyon kanallarında henüz taslak bir rapordan söz edilemeyeceğine dikkat çekti.

Şener’in açıklamaları ortalığı karıştırdı

Uludere Alt komisyonu Başkanı AKP’li milletvekili İhsan Şener’in taslak raporu paylaştığı NTV’nin “ “Genelkurmay talimat vermiş olabilir. Genelkurmay tüm belgeleri paylaşmadı” haberi geniş yankı uyandırdı. Haberin yayınlanmasından sonra gazeteciler alt komisyon başkanı Şener’e ulaşmaya çalışırken, üst komisyon başkanı Ayhan Sefer Üstün’ün makamına yöneldiler.
Üst komisyonun bilgisi olmadığı anlaşıldı.

Üst komisyon sekretaryası, gazetecilere Şener’in açıklamasından ve verdiği bilgilerden haberdar olmadığı bilgisini aktardı. AKP kanadında gün boyu gerginlik sürdü.

"Rapor ortada yokken" sözleri ile AKP'de yaşanan krizi perdelemeye çalışan Ayhan Sefer Üstün, gazetecilere "Bu rapor için süre veremiyoruz. Çok dinamik bir çalışma ve sürekli farklı farklı kişiler ortaya çıkıyor. Böyle bir konuda raporu tamamlama için süre veremiyoruz bir türlü" diye konuştu.

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Realize that "day" illness can occur anytime during the day and check along with your physician if it seems really awful. Most new mother and father are only afflicted with morning hours illness during the very first trimester of pregnancy. It is almost always the first indications which a females picks on to signify she could be expecting a baby. Should it be trying to keep you against having the capability to maintain down any food, view your medical professional for ideas on how to help. Ugg Australia
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A proven suggestion to minimizing and avoiding obstructive sleep apnea would be to consider resting working for you. You must stay away from getting to sleep along with your deal with up on your back. Gravity will result in the tongue and cells in your throat slip again and obstruct your airways. So sleep working for you to get a far better night time rest. Parajumpers Sale
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Supply fisherman can be a good idea to start their angling trips downstream, and then make their way upstream since the day time advances. This is just simply because seafood have a tendency to experience against the direction of the present. By relocating upstream you happen to be lowering the likelihood of becoming viewed or listened to by your prey. Peuterey Giubbotto
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If you would like use a much brighter grin, you need to clean your tooth with baking soft drinks at least 3 x a week. The cooking soft drink will remove plaque from the teeth and slowly and gradually whiten colour of the teeth too. Making use of cooking soft drinks is actually a low-cost, at home solution for possessing a much brighter, whiter grin! nike blazers high top
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As mentioned towards the top of this informative article, you need to get good information. You ought to construct with the easy ideas you acquired in this article any opportunity you get. If you continue to keep these sound advice at heart, you are going to already be performing far better than that you were before you read through this write-up.Strategies For Finding The Social Networking Wave Ugg Boots Sale
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A cane can assist you battle your arthritis difficulties. Even though it is really an unmistakable manifestation of developing aged, using a cane is far better unrelieved battling. A suitably-picked cane may take approximately twenty percent of the body weight off of stress-having joint parts, tremendously decreasing the amount of pressure used on arthritic issues spots. Woolrich Parka
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If you suffer from ingrown hair when shaving, try using a certain amount of quality moisturizing product on your legs the moment they're accomplished "?which is prior to your hip and legs are totally dried up. An excellent hydrating lotion is loaded with emollients, meaning that present hair will develop right outward, rather than embed with your pores and skin. Steer clear of consuming too much glucose. People who consume a lot of sugars are more inclined to experience yeast infections. Sugars can make candidiasis more serious or perhaps result in them. Glucose can supply the infection. If you find that you are afflicted by candida albicans frequently, it is a great idea to try and cut unwanted sugar out of your diet. Hollister Doudoune

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Should you be a diabetic person that is certainly insulin-centered, it is necessary so that you can teach your friends and family on how to correctly inject the blood insulin. If you achieve to begin being unable to inject on your own, they should be capable to inject it for you personally. This could be an existence protecting training. cheap belstaff coats
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Learning you have cancers is going to bring about individuals 5 steps of grief, and will also inhibit your capability to fight the fatal sickness. It's crucial when you learn you have cancer to get as well-informed as possible about how precisely to eliminate it. Use the following to assist you overcome many forms of cancer. ugg купить онлайн
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When thinking about buying a bit of commercial home you might want to examine places that are not neighborhood to you. There are business qualities which are on the market just about everywhere. Some tend to be more affordable than the others are. You could potentially begin to make a nice gain away from a bit of professional property more quickly in the event you placed a smaller amount of a preliminary purchase lower. uggs kaufen in usa
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With this particular write-up in hand, you should be able to reach for the stars. The fantastic knowledge at this point you have allows you to train exceptionally and create achievement. As your little ones step out by themselves, you'll have the joy of offering them the very best education and learning possible at your residence.A Couple Of Phrases of Advice About Web Marketing ugg в москве гум
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Известный сайт сексуальных знакомств состоятельные женшины знакомства секс в мировой паутине в режиме On-Line! Регистрируйтесь! Ищите партнера! - это так замечательно! Добро пожаловать в бесплатный сайт знакомств без регистрации

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Small business owners should make sure not just the construction where they operate. They should also guarantee any specific equipment or gear employed in the perform of their company. An enterprise owner's equipment and resources are considered personal residence and are not typically included in the insurance coverage supply of the majority of business responsibility policies. For that reason, they should be shielded from loss, robbery or injury, using a separate insurance policy. Barbour Uk
Usually do not be tempted by overall health programs that supply you free of charge regimen protective treatment. Most ideas have been already providing the service at minimal price, and converting from the plan could imply that you are currently letting go of other advantages for that reason. Shop around before making any sort of transform. Parajumpers Uk
Marketing could be a very useful tool while searching for the work. Rather than retaining your head hidden within the paper, inform everyone you realize you are accessible for employment. Don't limit you to ultimately a certain area stay available to the number of choices. Promote your self with a firm handshake whenever! Woolrich Arctic Parka
From the times during this below stellar overall economy, more and more people are finding out just what it ways to be bankrupt. Individuals who have proved helpful all of their life to back up them selves as well as their family members are getting to be flanked by personal debt and shed all hope. Individual bankruptcy might be scary, but you can escape it, because you will see by studying these write-up. Parajumpers Uk
An e-mail marketing plan is one way to rapidly improve your organization. For that reason, make sure you are prepared using a company tactic to totally produce what the customers anticipate and the things you inform them they are going to get on your part. It is crucial that the have confidence in will not be shattered between you and the individual. Iphones are probably the most popular technology merchandise to possess these days. When you own 1, you possibly will not be getting everything from it you could. Check out these tips to learn more about your gadget. You may be pleasantly impressed at almost everything that you can do with the apple iphone and some understanding. Parajumpers Uk

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Nearly every diet regime has particular requirements, even the most healthy diet plans. While you have just figured out out of this post, it's not hard whatsoever to acquire suitable nutrition via a well balanced diet. The most important thing you need to center on is heeding the smart suggestions rather than simply presuming what good diet is. Use what you've learned on this page whilst keeping it healthier.Sound Advice For Parents And Soon To Be Mothers and fathers Isabel Marant Sneakers Uk
Go on a very good, difficult look at your website's articles. A successful website's content will be special and useful. Consider from the customer's point of view - would they find out something new? Ensure you maintain your website recent and current as well. A outdated appearance will make you appear neglectful as a business person. Moncler Outlet
Take a look online and see exactly what the typical salary is to your profession and area. When you aren't generating as much funds as you need to be look at seeking a bring up if you have been with all the company for a season or even more. The greater you will be making the greater your funds is going to be. Moncler Outlet
Publish your own business plan. This can be the road map that may help you reach the company targets you might have establish. There is a lot of data on the web and in libraries which will help you build your strategy. You can begin checking out the Business Supervision at www.sba.gov. Belstaff Outlet Uk
Sugars are the close friend when attempting to create muscle mass. While you are exercising hard your system utilizes important numbers of carbs fueling your system and retaining you going. Should you not have ample carbohydrates to energy your exercise, your whole body will breakdown muscle groups for proteins to keep you heading, and you will probably get rid of bulk. Ensure that the canine can tell starting from wrong in all conditions. Everybody in the household should persistently enforce the limitations you possess set up. This swiftly cancels out any endeavours from you! Barbour Outlet

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Don't be excessively complex in your video clips. If you are using a lot of technological terms and sector specific vocabulary, you are going to bore your audiences. Create your video lessons for the layperson. If specialized language is essential, make a 2nd movie to provide a further comprehension of this issue for that more technical viewer. Bottes Ugg
Be sure you always have a source of clean water with you. When outdoor camping, you can't usually rely on a all-natural drinking water provider is clear enough to beverage from without the need of cooking the liquid initial. So keep a canteen full of drinking water at the area in the course of any everyday venture. Within the evenings, boil any spring water for ten mins to make water that is clean reserves for the following working day. Canada Goose Tilbud
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When thinking of purchasing a house, consider exactly how much room you are going to require. For those who have a more substantial family members, you will need more area compared to a individual man or woman would. When considering the size of your home, take into account of your price boosts associated with the dimensions. A greater home is tougher to heat during the winter season. Moncler Jacken
Although everyone misplaces issues and forgets points every once in awhile, irrespective of how aged you happen to be, when you notice that you simply or even a cherished on started off becoming overly forgetful or misplaces products in odd places, it can be time to talk to a physician. Often failing to remember stuff or putting every day objects including your automobile tactics from the micro-wave or freezer is a reason for problem. Pay a visit to consignment merchants for excellent importance on conventional dress in. Females usually only use professional dresses 1-2 times for all those special events well before they are doing not want to utilize it any longer. You will discover gowns which are virtually new at a small fraction of the price tag on a new gown. Parajumpers Long Bear

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There is no denying the reality that pay day loans functions as a lifeline when cash is short. What is important for just about any possible customer would be to arm them selves with all the details as is possible well before agreeing for any such bank loan. Implement the advice in this particular part, and you will probably be prepared to respond in a in financial terms wise method.Private Finance Tips To Help You Attain Your Fiscal Desired goals Barbour Outlet
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Have you considered a life trainer to your nervousness? A lot of people have anxiousness in some kind or some other, while they concern yourself with the longer term and what it really holds. A life coach will help you to make strategies, inspire one to do points that can help you towards individuals targets, as well as supply you with the abilities that you should deal with difficulties and setbacks as they occur. Parajumpers Sale
If you eliminate a site from your web site, really remove it! Applying a 301 redirect is fantastic, but search engines like google may still find the initial site by way of backlinks into it on other sites or even on your own web site. Delete all outdated documents from the hosting server when they're will no longer necessary. Employ a pro to video your video clips when you have issues with them. Improperly made videos made in your house are more serious than without video clips. Try choosing a nearby videographer that may create powerful storylines and has high quality equipment. Be sure to see samples and request for referrals. Don't just proceed to the most affordable location, but search for an affordable one particular to your budget. Isabel Marant Uk

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Create your website as engaging as possible, if there's something you can include for your site like polls or back links to preferred sites like Facebook or twitter and Reddit.com then you want to do this. You desire men and women to turn out to be curious along with your web site by keeping them interested with new content they can develop to love as time goes on. Ugg Sale Uk Shop
Attempt working on learning a whole new expertise if your human brain can feel unfocused along with your recollection is deficient. New skills use new parts of the brain and make you develop your methods for pondering. Learn how to manage, construct one thing, try martial arts, or go on a food preparation class to widen your brain's capabilities. Moncler Womens Uk
Thoughts of inadequacy are unfavorable in your balanced emotional status. Experiencing oneself as under ideal gives you a state of mind that concentrates on this and make upon your nervousness. Realize that no one is best so you perform the finest that you could because of the equipment offered and you may train your brain to accept daily life at face importance. Ugg Sale Uk Shop
A good word of advice to be aware of for wedding ceremonies is to ensure that you peer comfortable inside your photographs. A large point about this is being sure that you work with a very good professional photographer that may chat you through each shot and assist you to and anyone to check their utmost. Parajumpers Gobi Sale
Always look under the hood when you are evaluating a fresh car. Even should you not know a whole lot about cars, you are able to definitely look for certain items. There should not be corrosion and each of the hoses and wires need to look mint. If it is far from the truth, tend not to get the car. A good digital photography suggestion is to always be early on when you're thinking about snapping shots a setting sun or possibly a sunrise. This provides you with enough time to compose the ideal chance. You don't need to get there and need to compose a lousy chance since you're short punctually. Ugg Outlet Uk Online

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t hinter der allzu simplen Erzhlung vom religisen Fanatismus von einem Marionettenregime, das sich durch weitreichende Korruption, gewaltttigen Machtmissbrauch und Verachtung für ffentliche Aufsicht auszeichnet. Die wichtigsten Akteure sind Politiker, die über die beachtlichen Wiederaufbauhilfen des Westens verfügen, Beamte, die Folter, Vergewaltigung und Erpressung als legitime Instrumente der Verwaltung betrachten, sowie regionale Oberhupter, die das Parlament wie auch die Mohnproduktion kontrollieren und Profite aus dem Drogengeschft einstecken, die das Staatsbudget um ein Vielfaches übersteigen. Weitere Artikel: Die letzten Wettbewerbsbeitrge der Berlinale hat sich ohne groen Enthusiasmus Tobias Kniebe angesehen. Martina Knoben schreibt über Hana M
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FitzcarraldoTagebuumlcher, Clint Eastwoods Boxerdrama Million Dollar Ba und der Film Machuca des Chilenen Andres Wood. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, .. Am Montag noch beklagte Frank Schirrmacher Bild aus der gestrigen HaraldSchmidtShow, dass Prozent der Schuumller an der Kreuzberger EberhardKleinSchule keine Deutschen er meinte wohl keine Deutschen deutscher Herkunft seien und malte dies als Bild der in Deutschland demografisch drohenden Zukunft an die Wand. Heute besucht Regina Moumlnch die Schule und singt vor allem ein Hohelied auf die Arbeit der Lehrer dort: Wie an anderen Migrantenschulen und an nur wenigen Gymnasien besitzt die KleinOberschule eine eigene Bibliothek, selbst zusammengetragen und gern benutzt. Von Schuumllern, in deren elterlicher Wohnung kaum
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ana stürzt die ganze Welt in Trauer, Boris` Ich ist grer alsjede Rentenreform.Man knnte diese Zusammenhnge mit Jürgen Habermas auf dieFormel Produktivkraft Kommunikation bringen. Doch genausowichtig ist die Dynamik der kommunikativen Lust, die dieUnterhaltungsindustrie so gewaltig anwachsen lsst. AlleWerkzeuge der neuen Medienwelt sind auch Spielzeuge.Wissensgesellschaft und Spagesellschaft gehren zusammen.Lernen von Walt Disney! Es geht hier nicht umBedürfnisbefriedigung, sondern um ein Genieen, von dem dieklassische konomie nichts wei. Früher konnte man in denTelefonhuschen lesen Fasse Dich kurz. Heute werbenTelefongesellschaften mit dem Versprechen, man knne fastkostenlos unendlich lange reden.Gute Soziologen erkennt man daran, dass sie über Ding
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improvements, but, with a fewexceptions, have expressed strong doubts about prospects forsystemic reforms. xxxxx said on December that the President might makesome changes on the edges of the political system, but deniedthat Medvedev's reforms would have any major impact onRussia's political structure, which he said had beenpainstakingly formed over the last years. Medvedev mightmake some significant reforms in Russia's economic structure,but would have to nonviolently enforce modernization onthe business elite, who preferred the status quo and whowanted to avoid making expensive investments.. C xxxxxMoscowof told us December that while various s of elites havecompeting views on modernization, it was possible forMedvedev, with the Government's support, to overcomeb
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ate empire with profits. Today Milstein Properties owns apartment towers from Battery Park City to the Upper East Side, offices in Midtown, numerous undeveloped lots across Manhattan. Acquired New Yorks oldest savings bank, Emigrant, for $ million assets now $ billion. Launched Internet banking arm years ago today holds $ billion in deposits. Son Howard oversees real estate and banking operations. Recently purchased a $ million stake in Jack Nicklaus golf course and equipment design company. Stephen Ross $. billion Real estate. New York City. . Married, children Nephew of late Forbes member Max Fisher d. founded real estate outfit Related Companies . Initially focused on building, financing lowincome housing moved into riski
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n in the dollar from through . Persistent dollar weakness is significant because it can put upward pressure on interest rates锟紺foreign buyers of U.S. dollardenominated bonds may demand higher yields to compensate for the risk of further currency depreciation. Indeed, from to , there was a series of efforts global policy makers to stabilize the U.S. dollar, which they feared would suffer further declines due to rising rate expectations in countries outside the U.S. Under considerable pressure to address the huge drop in the dollar, the U.S. was forced to increase rates in an effort to protect its currency. A similar situation appears to be developing today, as interest rates in Europe and Asia continue to move higher. Yields
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rance could keep with what they had. So Im going to be working on that fix, she said on Wednesday. But thats not accurate. It was well known, as far back as , that millions of Americans would lose their existing coverage under the Obamacare bill. Landrieu still voted for it. In September of , Sen. Mike Enzi R., Wyo. introduced legislation that would protect small businesses from losing their health plans grandfathered status under Obamacare. Landrieu voted against the bill, on a partyline vote. But Landrieus flipflop illustrates the potency of this issue. If Americans were truly being forced off of their existing insurance plans锟斤拷that they 锟斤拷and into better and more affordable ones, the outcry would be minimal. But that isnt
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itude for bringing that show back. But it wouldnt have existed in the first place, if FOX hadnt paid to develop and produce the three, very underwatched seasons. Portlandia, a show that I helped create, does incredibly well on iTunes, Hulu and Netflix. There is no way it would have existed if IFC werent supported MVPDs and advertisers for years before it came into the world. The same is true for The Walking Dead, Justified, Awkward, Pawn Stars and every other one of the most watched shows on those OTT providers. Should that economy break down, so will the supply chain of the best content. No one wants that. Brandon Gutman: It seems that the TV advertising model would be under pressure though 锟紺 with time shifting, is advertis
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945;. μουρνιο ταν ο λεθρο τη ζω του, απ τη στιγμ που εχε αφσει βαρκελνη. και το αντστροφο. και οι δο χουν μιλσει εκτεν την περασμνη εβδομδα σχετικ με την επιθυμα του να διαχειρζονται στην αγγλα και, προ φελο τη παρσταση, το μνο που μπορε να ελπζει τι υποχρενο
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;τα σπσει στον φαλο, αποστολ μχρι λοφα του ψεκασμο λευκ, μακριν βουητ που προβλπει τη μνη soundtrack.once θα πηδξει απ το καρβι στο north beach εστε marooned - με τον καλτερο δυνατ τρπο . ντα μια νευρωτικ πλη-κτοικο εχα ανησυχον τι θα θελα να βαρεθε μχρι το τλο τη ημρα να. αλλ η χαλαρ vibe μο&
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#964;εγζει πνω απ 100 αεροσκαφν, συμπεριλαμβανομνων των harriers, chinooks, σκρου tiger και να f-35 joint strike fighter jet . η μχη τη βρετανα hall χο και φω δεχνουν, finest hour μα, αφηγεται την ιστορα τη blitz. τα παιδι παρνουν για να καθσει σε να πιλοτριο provost jet και να πετξει στα ψη μσα απ τον ουραν σε μια αερομαχα στο 4d κινημ&
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;δρου τη ανεξρτητη εικνε boom εταιρεα παραγωγ, αποδδει την επιτυχα itv να γνωρζει τι εναι το κοιν του και να μην φοβονται να προυν ρσκα. splash! ταν να μεγλο, τολμηρ επιτροπ, και ταν εργζονται θα αποκομσουν μεγλα οφλη . οι τχε του itv αναπφευκτα συνυφασμνο με εκενε του
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